Farm/Ranch Insurance
As the name would suggest, farm and ranch insurance is property insurance for farms and ranches. Like homeowner's insurance, farm and ranch insurance covers damage to a dwelling and personal property inside, as well as mishaps on the property. However, farm and ranch insurance is also designed to offer a combined level of commercial liability insurance. The owner can also insure structures typically associated with business of farming or ranching, structures such as barns, silos and fencing. Increased coverage may also include protection for certain equipment and property necessary to the business, such as tractors, hay or livestock.
A standard farm or ranch policy will include the following:
Farm & Personal Liability
Medical Payments
Additional Living Expenses

Specialized Coverages include:
Custom Farming
Transportation of Farm Products

Customized Coverages are available for:
Fruit/Vegetable Processing

Equine Insurance

Whether a horse is purchased for personal or business reasons, ownership represents a significant investment of  time, money and resources. The standard farm/ranch policy will often exclude equine activities such as  breeding, boarding, giving lessons, training, renting, and hosting public horse events on your property.  Equine Insurance is a specialized product that can help to alleviate the coverage gaps in the standard farm/ranch policy.
Specialized coverages include:
Horse Breeding Farms
Stable Liability
General Liability for Equine related Clubs & Associations
Special Event Liability
Care, Custody, Control
Mortality & Theft

And Many More!